How to use Interdental Brushes? The Art of Brushing

The art of brushing

How do I use the interdental brushes?
Bacteria quickly multiply in areas where your toothbrush cannot reach. Interdental brushing is the best method to clean between your teeth. Interdental cleaning helps prevent inflamed gums (gingivitis), receding gums (periodontitis) and cavities.

It is important to choose the right size interdental brush to ensure optimal cleaning. Forcing a brush that is too big between the narrower gaps of your teeth can damage your teeth. It will also cause the brush itself to bend too much and come loose.

2TH Coniflex has different bristle sizes in a single brush thanks to its conical shape. That’s convenient!

2TH Coniflex Green 2-5mm has a thin, coated stem, which is intended for the narrower gaps between your teeth. The 2TH Coniflex Blue 3-7mm can be used for the wider gaps between your teeth..

Tips for efficient interdental brushing and a longer lifetime of the brush;

  1. Dip the brush in interdental gel or (non-abrasive) toothpaste.
  2. Hold the brush between your thumb and index finger, you can use your other fingers to support and/or manoeuvre the brush. 
  3. Use the point of the brush to carefully search the gap between your teeth without applying any pressure.
  4. Carefully insert the brush straight into the gap.
  5. When inserting the brush into a narrow space, it helps to rotate the brush back and forth while inserting it.
  6. If the tip of the brush is between the teeth, but it does not go in further after pushing lightly, do NOT keep pushing. This means the size of the brush is too big for that space.
  7. Start brushing by making small, controlled movements to move the brush in and out.
  8. Make sure the brush does not pop out of the space between the teeth and end up on the tooth itself.
  9. The entire interdental surface is cleaned by moving the brush straight and slanted between your teeth.
  10. Use the whole length of the brush so that it also reaches through to the back of each tooth. 
  11. Continue this method for all interdental spaces where that brush fits.
  12. Close your mouth a little to reach your back teeth. This makes it easier to access your back teeth.
  13. When you have finished, rinse the brush and let it dry completely. Then put the protective cap back on the brush.

Make interdental cleaning a daily routine.

Cleaning braces and implants

The 2TH Coniflex interdental brushes are also ideal for cleaning implants and braces  and brackets.

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