2TH Flexpicks soft rubber picks

2TH Flexpicks are flexible, soft rubber toothpicks that make it easy to remove plaque between your teeth. They help prevent plaque as well as inflamed and bleeding gums.

2TH Flexpicks for a healthy smile2TH Flexpicks: the most gentle and effective tool for picking and brushing between your teeth

Prevent inflamed and bleeding gums?

The flexible, soft rubber brush stimulates and massages to promote blood circulation and strong and healthy gums.
2TH Flexpicks gently and effectively remove food and plaque between your teeth. The flexible toothpick cleans the areas between your teeth that your toothbrush cannot reach.

2TH Flexpicks are latex-free and do not contain any metal, which means they cannot damage tooth enamel.
The flexible brush extends easily between teeth and, thanks to their conical shape, the Flexpicks are ideal for most interdental spaces.

2TH Flexpicks 50pcs

It has been clinically proven that 2TH Flexpicks help reduce gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) and periodontitis.

Includes a convenient, hygienic handy carry pack.

50 Flexpicks per pack.


2TH Flexpicks EAN code: 8718801330500

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2TH Flexpicks soft rubber picks

50 picks. Soft rubber interdental picks.

Content: 50 picks

In stock: 150+

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